Top 10 Benefits Only A Personal Trainer Can Give You

by shinehealthfitness | Aug 18, 2021

Most people look at working out as a task that does not need planning. For them, it is enough that they move and sweat a little.

Nothing can be further from the truth. A carefree attitude on fitness has risks to your well-being. If you are not strategic, your efforts in the gym will yield limited results. When you perform poorly, you will lose motivation in working out and will eventually stop.

This is where a personal trainer comes in. He/She can offer support, tips, and encouragement. Here are the top benefits of hiring one:

  1. Science-based fitness education

Personal trainers undergo various training to provide their clients with the best information available. They know the science behind exercises and can provide insights on nutrition. A personal trainer will teach you what to do and why you need to do them. S/he will also answer your health questions with personalized responses to help you achieve your fitness targets.

  1. Personalized workout program based on your goals

What kind of body do you want? When do you see yourself achieving these results? Do you have health conditions that you must factor in?

These are key questions that you will need to answer with your trainer. Knowing these will put you on the right track so you can achieve your fitness goals. After, s/he will design a program suited to your specific goals and needs, both short- and long-term. A customized program serves as a guide that tracks your progress. 

  1. Accountability in your actions

This is often overlooked but a key factor in health and nutrition.  

When you are working out alone, there is a tendency to stop at any point. If you do not feel like sweating it out, you may cancel anytime. A personal trainer will give you regular reminders and motivation to help you finish what you started. 

  1. Nutrition and diet

A big part of getting your desired body is the food that you eat. A personal trainer will give you insights into the calories you consume and need to burn. S/he can also teach you about how to lose fat and gain muscle through the food you eat. If you give in to your unhealthy cravings regularly, all your gym time will go to waste. For those of you who have a sweet tooth, s/he can also give healthy alternatives to your cravings.

  1. Mental health

With the help of a personal trainer, physical exercises can help improve your well-being. Doctors and health professionals recommend daily activity as working out helps with anxiety. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins that help you cope with pain and stress. Working out also gives the mind something else to focus on. A personal trainer can be your ally in mental health care.

  1. Confidence in yourself

A personal trainer will be your number one friend in your wellness journey. Fitness professionals can see the potential in you and will be ready to give feedback, encouragement, and support. They have seen successes with other people and they want to see that in you, too. 

They will also be the first to celebrate your wins, no matter how little they may seem to you. When you get used to seeing progress, your confidence in yourself will grow. 

  1. Flexibility and accommodation 

Everyone has a busy schedule these days. There are times when it is impossible to spend time in the gym. Personal trainers know this and adjust to your availability. They can offer to go to your house and work out with you there. If you prefer a different kind of activity, they can even change your routines. 

The great thing about a personal trainer is s/he can adjust to your preferences as long as you can meet the goals for the program. 

  1. Start and keep healthy habits

Starting new routines is not easy. To be successful, you need to insert them into the daily activities that you are already used to. A personal trainer will help integrate your new workout activities into your life without disrupting your schedule. S/he can find out which among your current activities harm or advance your health goals.

  1. Form, rest, and breathing

Some people may say that they can search for exercises online and copy them. But they are not as easy as they look. Without guidance, you can get injured as you perform complex movements. A personal trainer will tell you how to perform each exercise to get the best results and prevent injury. 

Rest and breathing also affect workouts. A personal trainer will tell you how long you can rest between sets to challenge you and get you your desired results. S/he will also guide you when to inhale and exhale so you can perform to your best potential.

  1. Extra challenge

Part of the job of personal trainers is to push their clients to reasonable limits. They know what you are capable of and will help you achieve your goals. 

Think of them as a combination of a friend, teacher, mentor, and parent. When you give them excuses, they can provide the push you need. When you feel discouraged, they will lift you up with encouragement. 

Personal trainers are professionals but will also build meaningful relationships with their clients. Their goal is not just to help you achieve your dream body. They also want you to enjoy the process.

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