Why Hiring A Personal Trainer Can Be A Life-Changing Decision

by shinehealthfitness | Aug 18, 2021

We often hear the saying that health is wealth. This may be simplistic to some, but those who have been and are sick can attest to this piece of wisdom. All the fame, money, and power in the world can’t bring you joy if you are unwell.

Recently, more people have been seeing the importance of self-care. This phrase refers to the actions and behaviours a person undertakes to avoid or lessen health problems. Self-care follows an approach to working out that factors in the mind, body, and spirit.

But this is not an easy task for everyone. Left on our own, we easily go back to our old ways in no time. This is why having a personal trainer by your side is helpful as you embark on the journey of self-care.

When you exercise, personal trainers provide you with holistic guidance.


Starting a wellness journey can be intimidating for most people. You may have experienced the feeling that others in the gym are staring at you when you walk in. If you feel out of shape and observe that others look way better than you, you may feel shy and get discouraged. This is normal. 

A personal trainer will help you remove doubts in your head. People in the gym, track oval, or swimming pool do not care about you and how you look. Often, these are mere thoughts in your head. 

Part of having a growth mindset is being comfortable with who you are. A personal trainer can inspire this kind of confidence. Because someone believes in you and in what you can achieve, you move forward. As long as you are keen on succeeding, you will emerge as a healthier person.

As you see progress in yourself, you will also become confident in other things. 

When you achieve a personal best time in running or carry heavier weights in the gym, you begin to have faith in yourself. This can spill over to other areas of your life. You may finally get the boldness to ask for a raise or a promotion. If you were feeling guilty then, you may finally get the boost to reward yourself with a vacation. The possibilities are endless when you live life with courage.


One of the major roles of personal trainers is to inspire. They have seen other clients overcome major health issues and know that more people can do it, too. As trained professionals, they know how to push you beyond your limits.

One effective tool that they use is a workout program. Having one ensures that there is a scientific plan for your physical activities. Another key feature of a program is tracking. All your exercise weight, repetitions, and sets are logged. 

With this, you will see your improvement regularly. If you only use physique changes as a reference, you may feel that you are not getting anywhere. But this is not accurate. In a workout program, you can see how you are getting stronger because of the additional repetitions and sets that you add regularly. 

Personal trainers see this and celebrate even small wins with you. They know that little progress is still noteworthy because they will fuel you to push further.

In trying to motivate you, they are also aware of your capabilities. Personal trainers will not push you to the point where you will get injured or feel bad about yourself. They will do what is best for you.


Self-care involves changing a lot of habits, routines, and thought patterns. You may not be aware of them, but they can be destructive when left unchecked. 

Personal trainers give a fresh set of eyes to your lifestyle. If you are honest with them, they can provide an assessment and tell you which among your daily habits are harmful.

Here are some questions they may ask:

How many hours do you sleep each night?

Do you drink, smoke, or do drugs?

How many cups of coffee or tea do you drink every day?

What do you often eat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner?

Do you eat enough fruits and vegetables?

What physical activities do you have?

Do you set aside time to relax and unwind?

These questions will help evaluate your routines. Even before they give professional advice, as you answer their questions, you can already get a sense of where you are. This self-awareness will empower you in making the right decisions.

A personal trainer will be honest but helpful. With your permission, s/he will help you replace harmful habits with healthy ones. 


In the end, it is about your health. You will decide if you want to live a longer life with your loved ones. Personal trainers are only there to guide, inspire, and help. 

But if you allow them, you will see dramatic results.

People who are serious about improving their health experience a better quality of life. They have more energy and perform better in their jobs. As a result, they can devote time to their hobbies. People who practice self-care even sleep and breathe better. 

The effects are not limited to your physical health. 

Those who get serious with their fitness journey also have a better mental state. With guidance from personal trainers, exercise helps people manage stress and anxiety. Their family life also improves because they are in a better mood most of the time.

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